Hiro who?

Hiro lived in many places (in U.S.A. and Japan) as he was growing up. Below is the list of academic institutes Hiro spent time in:


Futaba School (Kindergarten in Tokyo, Japan)
Kanai School (Elementary school in Tokyo, Japan)
Lawrence School (Elementary school in Boston, MA) [Link]
Toin Junior/Senior High School (Yokohama, Japan)
MICDS (High School in St. Louis, MO) [Link]
Tufts University (B.S. Chemistry, also studied International politics, Boston, MA)
The University of Tokyo (PHD. Biochemistry/Biophysics, Haga lab, Tokyo, Japan)
Columbia University (Postdoc., Gouaux lab, New York)
Vollum Institute/OHSU (Postdoc., Gouaux lab, Portland, Oregon)
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (Assistant-Associate-Full Professor, 2007 – present)
Janelia Research Campus/HHMI (Visiting Scientist: 2014- 2015 Grigorieff lab, Ashburn, Virginia)


Scientific interests: Chemical and structural dissection of cellular signaling. Mapping compound binding sites in receptors. Protein engineering. Neurochemistry. Neurological diseases and disorders.

Other interests: Creating novel cocktail drinks and ‘watching’ American and European football games.

Hiro where?

Hiro Furukawa Lab


Beckman Building
Room 201 (LAB)
Room 219 (OFFICE)

1 Bungtown Rd.
Cold Spring Harbor, NY 11724

Tel: 516-367-8872

Email: furukawa@cshl.edu

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