Postdoc positions available (4/25/24)


The HF lab is currently seeking a postdoc. We highly value expertise in patch-clamp electrophysiology, cryo-EM, or molecular neuroscience, although we are open to considering other areas of expertise as well.


The HF lab at CSHL offers a unique and exciting environment to conduct cutting-edge science and obtain essential career guidance. The lab members are highly talented, collaborative/interactive, energetic, and curiosity-driven. As described in Lab Culture, the HF lab members at all levels conduct unique research and boost their careers through close mentoring and training. The HF lab members have successfully acquired the job positions they are happy with after ‘graduating’ from the lab (please visit Alumni Members for more details). The HF lab members are from diverse backgrounds, and it makes the HF lab a super exciting place to work in.

Postdoctoral Fellow

If you are interested in conducting postdoctoral research in the HF lab (please read Research), please send Hiro an email at with a CV (containing contacts for 2-3 referees) and a cover letter describing your current/past projects, career goals, what you would like to learn from and possibly bring to the HF lab. Qualified candidates should have at least one first-author paper in a peer-reviewed journal or in bioRxiv. It helps if the candidates have solid backgrounds in at least one of the following areas: x-ray crystallography, cryo-EM, electrophysiology (synaptic physiology/single-channel recording/patch-clamp), biochemistry, and cellular biology.


If you are a student from the CSHL School of Biological Sciences and are interested in lab rotation in the HF lab, please send Hiro an email at (cc: Catherine Scalise at to set up a meeting. If you are a student from Stony Brook University, please first speak to your program head to find out whether or not your program allows you to do lab rotation at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. Once you get permission, please contact Hiro at the above email address. We always create and formulate exciting projects for inspiring students. The HF lab offers a unique environment where students can learn multiple techniques including structural biology, electrophysiology, biochemistry, and biophysics as described in Research.”

Research Technician

Positions for research assistant and technician come and go. Please send Hiro a CV describing the followings: a list of scientific skill sets (ex., Mouse dissection, DNA cloning, RT-PCR, etc.) and administrative skill sets (ex., Basic computer skills, and organizational skills) at (cc: Catherine Scalise at